A project of the Institute of Sowa Rigpa Sciences Boppard-Rhine-Germany and
Himalaya Sherpa Herbs Swoyambhu-Kathmandu Nepal

Sacred Land Initiatives Healing Plants Garden project District Solokhumbu Tesho in Khumbu Mt. Everest Region Nepal

My Name is Amchi Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa and I am based in Kathmandu. I studied Tibetan Buddhist Medicine, called in tibetan Sowa Rigpa, the Science of Healing, in the Men Tse Khang Tibetan Medical Institute Chagpori in the district Darjeeling in West-Bengal in India.

The study started in 1992 and I finishes the study course in 1996 with the so called Amchi degree.

For practical experience and teachings I stayed additional three years under the guidance of Venerable Trogawa Rinpoche. Trogawa Rinpoche was one of the last high Amchi Rinpoche ‘s and he graduated at the legendary Men Tse Khang Medical Institute Chagpori in Lhasa in former Tibet.

According to the very kind advices of my teacher, mentor and uncle Venerable Tengboche Rinpoche I undertook these studies and practical experiences.

He is really cordial and without Rinpoche’s help and grace I didn’t get a chance to study.

Nowadays the medicinal plants are really becoming rare day by day and gradually disappear, which there is so many pharmaceutical companies from China and India. But they didn’t think about replant for future. The purpose of the plantation is to raise awareness about tib. Sowa Rigpa, the Himalayan Buddhist Medicine and the need for conservation of medicinal plants in the region, disappearing due to a demand that exceeds production and unchecked harvesting of wild plants by all pharmaceutical companies who are not trained in sustainable harvest.

This project we start now is to develop co-operative joint venture together under the umbrella of the Institute of Sowa Rigpa Science, Boppard-Rhine-Germany, guided by the Amchi and Heilpraktier Anna Elisabeth Bach. They are also really worried about this circumstances and counsel to develop, conservation Himalayan Herbal Medicine. We would need your kind support and advice, please if you like to have more information or any require or interest, please contact us in Germany:

Phone: +49(0)6742804347
mobile: +49(0)16097331272
email: institutsowarigpa@posteo.de

Plantation place at Tesho, Khumbu, Mt. Everest region, Nepal

For the maintaining it is very necessary to build a research center in form of a small building in Tesho at the plantation place which will house equipment for plantation, research and the medicine tea production and the students of the Institute of Sowa Rigpa Sciences may learn about Himalayan Medicinal plants, as well for the Himalayan Sherpa people with the view to share the knowledge in the community and internationally, thus keeping the Himalaya Buddhist Medicine tradition alive.

The Tengboche Rinpoche is also really interested and appreciated about the plantation since many years. His great wish is that the knowledge of the Himalaya Buddhist Medicine, tib. Sowa Rigpa, can flourish and be maintained for future generations.

So, we all do wishes for the success of our common mission, vision and smoothly achievement. We feel that it is of great importance to develop relationship with other organizations who are working in the area of conservation, on timber products, traditional medicine and eco tourism etc.

Rhododendron Flower and Tree The national flower of Nepal Nepal Himalaya

View on the Mt. Everst Close to our Sacred Land Initiatives Tesho – Healing Plant Project

Here the total view on the Sacred Land Initiative Project

In the picture above the small house with the red roof and the area below, there the healing plant garden is located.
The house has to be rebuild and renovated, then the land to be prepared for the plantation.
A small river is flowing to right down the mountain, so there is plenty of water for the irrigation.

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